The International Centre for the Preservation of the Architectural Heritage, Argentina, is an institution no governmental that works for the defence, protection, diffusion, conservation, rescue and value of the cultural heritage. It understands that the materials and the non-materials are unique and not replaceable, no matter the region or the culture to whom they belong.

It was born and lives in a place of an enormous historical value: "La Manzana de Las Luces", in Buenos Aires.

Taking into account its federal roots, the International Centre for the Preservation of the Architectural Heritage, Argentina, is constituted by members of different places of the country that contributes with their knowledge or interest, from the field of the history, the archaeology, the tourism, the management, the economy, the sociology, etc. Presents a perspective of identity and belonging, or a specialized vision of theoretical and practical aspects that can help to state cultural politics that answers the changing social demands and to an economical dynamic reality, that contemplates not only the public management but also the private one, and that states reflexive and imaginative critics.

The International Centre for the Preservation of the Architectural Heritage, works intensely in the FORMATION OF HUMAN RESOURCES, in the PROTECION OF THE CULTURAL HERITAGE THROUGH THE DIFFERENT DISCIPLINES, and in the LOCAL, NATIONAL AND INTERNATIONAL COOPERATION.

The Centre, follows, between others, the next general objectives:
· Understands and introduces the national cultural heritage.
· Investigates its origins, its development, its contributions , its relations with the rest of the world.
· Rides his action not only in the field of the material or tangible but also in the field of non material and intangible; let us say to all the cultural manifestations of the man (language, customs, religion, architecture, music, dance, gastronomy, etc.).
· Extends the notion of heritage to the different areas and works for the rescue and safeguard.
· Offers diversity of services in the field of the education, formal and informal, in the basic levels, of degree, of post degree, according to the changing necessities that the society requires.
· Works in the formation of different operative levels that demands the field of the conservation: workshops for artisans, specialized bricklayers, technical in restoration, etc.
· Sensitises the community regarding their own cultural heritage and its heritage.
· Defines, informs and divulges in the different media (governmental, managerial and the community in general), by all the communication systems available, the problems and solutions that leads to a better knowledge of the state of our heritage and the possible measures tending to the preservation and rescue.

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